Past Lives, Past Blogs

There was a time when I wasn’t a dad; while the baby’s just 9 months old. it sure seems a lifetime ago. Back then, my mind turned to other topics, and my blog reflected that. I wrote funny stories; I did detailed statistical analyses of political issues; I even told stories from my youth. But, as we began to consider having a baby, all these topics began to get a little dull. I knew I needed a new story for a new era in my life.

Thus: this blog. And so my old blog languished, unloved, for months. But I knew I wanted to keep it forever (after all, I’d put a ton of love into it, over the years). So I archived it, and now it’s a happy, static site that can sit safely as a record of how I once was. You know, with the recipes, the self-deprecation, the shocking confessions, and all the travelogues.

So, if you want to hear about dad-style, family stuff, then read on here. If you want to know how I was before I was who I am now, may I suggest the story of how my martini glasses are my love?