About this site

This site is about me and my family. Generally I talk about my experiences as a daddyblogger. Usually — although not always — I bring it back to kaizen. Sometimes you may see politics, product development, and other things that a normal human being may be interested in on this site. If we disagree, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

About the Photos

There are a lot of photos on this site. Mostly I’ve taken them all. I like to take photos. Hopefully you enjoy them.

I shoot most everything on my iPhone or my Panasonic GX-1 mirrorless camera. Images are edited either in various iPhone apps or Lightroom.

Money and Site Policies

I haven’t written any sponsored posts yet, but if I did, I’d let you know beforehand. I do occasionally drop in an affiliate link when I’m speaking specifically about a product, and I don’t mention that; it’s not that I want to hide anything, but a bunch of “(affiliate link)”s in the text just look bad and make for a bad reading experience. However, I’ll never use an affiliate link that gives you anything more than the lowest price I’m aware of.