Who Is Wade Armstrong?

Who Is Wade Armstrong?

Hi! I’m a dad in Los Angeles, CA. My son was born in the beginning of 2013, and that’s when I became a daddyblogger. I’m also in product development, and spent years learning about lean & agile methods working at startups and in technology — thus the “Kaizen” part of the Kaziendad name. My hobbies include cooking and photography. My wife and I have two small dogs.

When I was a kid, I was a dork. Here’s the proof: I was actually casually photographed by my school’s newsletter, reading a book for fun in the school library...

Wade reads in the library

It’s ok, I was also a pretty cute baby:

Baby Wade at Home

I enjoy running, martial arts, and understanding others’ points of view. I wanted to give myself the challenge of having a blog on two of the major focuses of my life… so, welcome, here it is!